Welcome to the web site of the Ombudsman for the In Re Black Farmers discrimination litigation settlement.

Please read the Ombudsman’s April 20, 2012, letter to the class.

Monitor Update 05 – Cy Pres Funds

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Monitor Update 04 – Payment Claimants Through April 1, 2016

Ombudsman Update no 4 Payment Claimants Through April 1, 2016

As of April 1, 2016, there have been about 33,346 total claims. About 18,310 have been approved, and about 15,036 have been denied.

Claimants have negotiated checks for about $869,912.723.81. Payments to the IRS on behalf of claimants have been about $219,089,469.46. Debt relief awarded to claimants has been about $646,880.58.

In total, payments to claimants, or to the IRS on behalf of claimants, has been about $1,088,649,073.85.

New Court Orders

Order (The Court will enforce the Cy pres provision of the Settlement Agreement as modified, Section V.E.13 [405]) (April 8, 2016)