Welcome to the web site of the Ombudsman for the In Re Black Farmers discrimination litigation settlement.

Please read the Ombudsman’s April 20, 2012, letter to the class.

Monitor Update 01 – The Black Farmer Cases are Closed

The Black Farmer Cases Are Closed – Please beware of scams.

In both Black Farmer settlements, some people and organizations took money from the public in exchange for the promise of getting people into the settlements.  In both cases, no payment was needed to be a part of the settlement. The Ombudsman and Deputy Ombudsman have heard from hundreds of people who paid money to get into the Black Farmer settlements only to find out later that they were left out of those settlements. Please beware of scams. (October 1, 2015).

New Court Orders

Order re: Cy Pres Fund (the Court directs the parties to file briefs addressing whether the identifiable class members are entitled to the distribution of any excess funds, whether the Court has the authority to provide for the distribution of unclaimed settlement funds to Class Members rather than to cy pres beneficiaries, whether acts of Congress bear on whether it would be permissible or appropriate to provide for the distribution of unclaimed settlement funds to Class Members, what legal standard(s) should the Court apply in determining whether taking such action would be appropriate, and should the Court schedule a public hearing inviting Class Members to offer their views regarding these issues) (November 19, 2015).

OIG Report 2015

OIG Report: In re Black Farmers Litigation (September 2015) 09-07-2015 The Office of Inspector General conducted a performance audit of the completed claims process for the BFDL settlement based on statistical samples of adjudicated claims.